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Friday, October 26, 2012

Former Terrorist Now an Evangelist; Cuba to End Exit Visa Requirements; France: 75 Flash Mobs Defend Marriage

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In This Issue:
arrow Former Terrorist an Evangelist for Christ
arrow Cuba to End Exit Visa Requirements
arrow Kirk Cameron's Sister Candace: Same Faith, Different Style
arrow France: 75 Flash Mobs Defend Marriage
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Former Terrorist an Evangelist for Christ
Teresa Neumann (Oct 26, 2012)
"It was just amazing to me that I was a man preparing young boys and girls to hate Christianity." -Dr. Daniel Shayesteh
Dr. Daniel Shayesteh(Bowling Green, KY)—On Friday, October 12, Hope in Messiah Church featured guest speaker Dr. Daniel Shayesteh, a former terrorist and the co-founder of Hezbollah in Iran who used to persecute Jews and Christians but is now a Christian evangelist.

According to the church's website, Shayesteh was a militant revolutionary who helped overthrow the Shah of Iran in 1979. As a subsequent leader in the Ayatollah Khomeini's regime, he co-founded Hezbollah in both Iran and Lebanon. He was wholly committed to the destruction of Israel and America.

But when Shayesteh decided to turn against the Ayatollah's regime, he was sent to a "death prison" in Turkey where he studied other faiths. It was there he was converted to Christianity and ultimately escaped the region.

"It was just amazing to me that I was a man preparing young boys and girls to hate Christianity," said Shayesteh.

Today, according to his bio at Crown College in Minnesota, Dr. Shayesteh is a National Evangelist for The Christian and Missionary organization "Exodus from Darkness." He also operates a satellite television program broadcast to millions of Muslims around the world.

Notes the college website: "Dr. Shayesteh calls for us to 'search for truth together' and is confident that people who search openly will discover as he has, that eternal confidence is found only in Jesus Christ."
Cuba to End Exit Visa Requirements
Rachel Baker (Oct 26, 2012)
"The result of changes by both governments is more access for a circular flow of Americans and Cubans to meet not only with their families, but with their Christian family as well." -Wayne Pederson
(Colorado Springs, CO)—The Cuban government has announced it will terminate the exit visa requirement in January 2013, lifting another restriction to allow their citizens to travel abroad more freely, according to HCJB Global, an evangelical global missionary organization.
Cuba and Florida Cubans will now be able to depart their homeland for vacations with only a passport and a visa from the destination country. The easing of restrictive travel laws includes departures to the United States.
"We welcome the upcoming easement of travel restrictions for Cubans and look forward to more interaction with our brothers and sisters there," said Wayne Pederson, president and CEO of HCJB Global.
The new policy represents the latest step by the government of President Raul Castro, acting in response to demands to relax certain restrictions, without relinquishing control.
Changes made by the Cuban government earlier this year allow religious institutions in the U.S. to sponsor trips to Cuba. While certain travel and funds flowing to Cuba are still limited by the 50-year-old U.S. embargo on Cuba, allowances by the current U.S. administration are not restricting this open door for groups traveling to Cuba for religious purposes.
"The result of changes by both governments is more access for a circular flow of Americans and Cubans to meet not only with their families, but with their Christian family as well," said Pederson.
HCJB Global has a long-standing relationship with Cuba through Apoyo Cuba, a ministry that partners with the Cuban church in leadership transformation.
"Reports of the recent Apoyo Cuba team meetings indicate multiplication of training programs throughout eastern Cuba," said an HCJB Global partner. "Advances are specifically occurring in family ministry, Christian education, leadership and Christian counseling."
Changes in the Cuban exit visa restrictions take effect January 13, 2013. U.S. religious groups are already traveling to Cuba.
Source: HCJB Global
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Kirk Cameron's Sister Candace: Same Faith, Different Style
Aimee Herd (Oct 26, 2012)
"…my faith is incredibly important, which flows into every aspect of my life." –Candace Cameron Bure
When it comes to family-oriented sitcoms, brother and sister, Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron Bure both enjoyed some significant limelight through the shows they starred in; "Growing Pains" and "Full House."
Kirk's career took him beyond TV to the big screen in several Christian-based movies, such as "Left Behind" and "Fireproof." And while Kirk's active Christian ministry has taken the forefront in latter years, his sister says she shares her brother's faith, but that she has other ways of showing it.
Candace Cameron and son "…my faith is incredibly important, which flows into every aspect of my life," explained Candace in an interview. She noted that her faith also affects "the decisions that I make on acting. I want to focus on great family programming and good movies and the charitable organizations that I'm involved with." (Photo: Twitter/Candace Cameron)
Cameron Bure (who is now a wife and mother) added that while her brother Kirk's focus is on his own evangelistic series; she and Kirk have a "different style of saying some of those things," but that he is more ministry-oriented.
"I think Kirk does his stuff great and . . . really well, and I think what I do, I do well. And we're a great brother and sister," said Candace.
In August, Candace Cameron Bure tweeted a photo with her son eating lunch at Chick-fil-A, as a support to the fast-food company that had been under attack for their family-oriented policies. "We love chikin!" read the photo caption on her tweet.
France: 75 Flash Mobs Defend Marriage
Jeanne Smits (Oct 26, 2012)
In many towns, hundreds gathered to defend traditional marriage: 600 in Lyons, 400 in Rennes, 400 in Bordeaux, 200 in Toulouse and at least 1,500 in Paris.
(Paris, France)—The first nationwide public demonstration against the French socialist government's plan to legalize homosexual "marriage" took place on Wednesday, October 24, simultaneously in 75 French towns.
flash mob in france On the busy main square of Paris business and shopping center "La Défense," where this author witnessed the event, most of the lookers-on seemed interested and even sympathetic to the message. Young people handing out leaflets in favor of natural marriage said at least 80% of people they spoke with reacted positively.
In many towns, hundreds gathered to spread the message: 600 in Lyons, 400 in Rennes, as many in Bordeaux, 200 in Toulouse. At least 1,500 joined the event in Paris, where "Alliance Vita's" leaders addressed the crowd.
"To tell a child it has two daddies or two mommies is telling a lie. You should never lie to a child," said Tugdual Derville, the movement's general delegate.
"Children have a right to know their origins, they have a right to a daddy and a mommy and not respecting that when they are already hurt through being orphans is just adding further mistreatment," he said.
François Hollande promised while campaigning for president that he would make homosexual "marriage" and adoption legal; the draft law, which will be presented on November 7th, includes these two new "rights" but stops short of giving homosexual couples access to artificial procreation and surrogate motherhood.
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