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Friday, October 28, 2016

Dean Briggs and Lou Engle: "12 Days of Strategic Prayer Through Elections"

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October 28, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
This is a prayer call..."calling all hands on deck" to pray over our nation and the elections coming up in 12 days from now. Dean Briggs from the TheCall, shares what hangs in the balance right now over our nation...along with revelation from intercessors and Lou Engle.
Dean writes this charge to us as he shares from a dream of war eagles and intercessors:
This letter is our appeal to you as an eagle cry for intercessors far and wide to rise and take their place. Will you fill the gaps and stand in agreement, region by region, state by state, for twelve days leading up to the election? Can we together plead the Blood of Jesus (the eagle's vision was red-blooded) for a great washing of our nation?
Lou Engle and Dean Briggs are calling on us over the next 12 days up to elections to pray:
For the final twelve days leading up to the election, Oct. 28-Nov. 8, gather with two or three others (lunch break at the office, church groups, housewives together on the phone, husbands and wives, youth groups at school, etc.) to pray. Spend 15-30 minutes in agreement together if possible, every day, for twelve days, at noon. If you can't make noon work, pick another time and be faithful to it for 12 days.
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Pictured: Lou Engle with Dean Briggs

As a voice to the nation, Lou Engle and the TheCall have striven for two decades to bring about the turning of America back to God. The prophetic function must not only see future possibilities, but also proclaim; in so doing, it can remove indecision and provoke action. While we respectfully recognize that many may disagree with our understanding of the hour, we feel a responsibility to proclaim that which we have seen and heard, and leave it to you to discern according to the Spirit and the Word.
The Big Picture
We believe the Lord is seeking a people who will move by the Spirit with a clear view of both the spiritual and practical steps that must be taken to redeem the land. This larger "macro picture" operates from a different vantage point than the frustrating micro details/pressures that more easily cloud our judgment on the ground, robbing us of confidence, especially during an election cycle. Of course, we long to see truly righteous men and women in office. Yet, in the case of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both have been weighed and found wanting. (Let it be recognized that this is true for all of us apart from the gift of righteousness in Christ).
So what is the Big Picture? For that, we would be wise to discern the driving ideologies embedded in this election. We feel directed by the Lord to challenge top-level spiritual constructs in unseen dimensions, ancient forces that would prefer to remain undisturbed, unknown, unseen, so that they can continue to wreak havoc on our nation with immunity.
A celestial battle is being enacted on an invisible stage for control of our nation's future. For years, the Supreme Court has vacillated on key moral judgments with a 5-4 split, sometimes favoring a Biblical and/or Constitutional interpretation of law, but rarely. By many measurements, the Supreme Court has devolved from an objective interpreter of Constitutional law, to an activist branch of the Legislature. The coming election could shift that narrow 5-4 "sometimes-justice-wins-most-times-it-doesn't" bench into a 7-2 liberal stronghold from which the nation may never recover.
The future appointment of key individuals to the Supreme Court of justice (or injustice) will then prevail over the land for a generation, far surpassing the actual consequence of the next president's 4-8 year term. The negative transformation of the American landscape (legal, social, moral) over the last 30-40 years will pale in comparison to the next decade of American jurisprudence because the snowball already has so much momentum on its way down the hill. The next court will... (continue reading)

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