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Friday, October 28, 2016

Early Bird Brief: Worldwide Fear of Terrorist Attack

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Oct 19, 2016    
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Today's Top 5
1. Fear of an imminent terrorist attack runs deep around the world
(Washington Post) The survey, commissioned by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), showed that many people think their governments are not doing enough to combat violent extremism.
2. Retaking Mosul From ISIS May Pale to What Comes Next
(New York Times) If history is a guide, vast parts of Mosul, once Iraq's No. 2 city with about two million inhabitants, could be left in smoldering ruins by retreating or die-hard Islamic State fighters who may use remaining civilians as shields and booby-trap entire neighborhoods with improvised bombs. Just clearing these explosives could take months or years.
3. IS Car Bombs, Mortars Slow Down Iraqi Advance on Mosul
(Associated Press) Islamic State militants have deployed suicide car bombs and fired mortar rounds to slow down the advance of Iraqi troops outside a key town near the militant-held city of Mosul, an Iraqi army officer said Wednesday.
4. Despite scandals, Trump support grows stronger in latest poll of troops
(Military Times) The recent scandals surrounding Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump haven't hurt his support among military members, according to the latest Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll out this week.
5. Commentary: I Fight for Your Right to Vote. But I Won't Do It Myself.
(New York Times) A U.S. military officer writes about why he will not vote and why other officers should follow his example.


Overseas Operations
False Alarm May Have Triggered U.S. Navy Warship's Missile Defense System
(Military Times) After several days of investigation, the U.S. Navy believes an urgent warning about an incoming missile aboard a destroyer Saturday night may have been a false alarm, defense officials said.
UN: Yemen ceasefire to start Wednesday
(The Hill) UN: Yemen ceasefire to start Wednesday
After ISIS, People From Mosul Fear What May Come Next
(National Public Radio) A resident of Mosul says he expects chaos and violent retribution if ISIS is pushed out of Mosul. He fears that families who lost loved ones to the militants will take revenge not just on those who worked with ISIS, but on their whole families.
Pentagon: More than 100 US troops with Iraqi forces retaking Mosul
(The Hill) It's not clear how close U.S. forces will get to the fight in Mosul, but they are allowed to embed at the lowest levels with Iraqi and Kurdish peshmerga commandos, who are expected to be carrying out the bulk of the fight.
Afghan Official Confirms Secret Talks Restarted With Taliban In Qatar
(Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) A senior Afghan official has confirmed that two secret rounds of peace talks between Afghanistan's government and Taliban representatives have been held in Doha, Qatar, since early September.
The Pentagon
As Mosul Operations Begin, Carter to Visit Region
(Defense News) Carter arrives Friday in Turkey, then travels to the United Arab Emirates before heading to Paris for a meeting of the counter-ISIL coalition. He ends his trip Oct. 26 in Brussels to follow up on July's NATO summit in Warsaw.
That pilot in the cockpit may someday be a robot
(Associated Press) A Defense Department and industry collaboration is attempting to replace the second human pilot in two-person flight crews with robot co-pilots that never tire, get bored, feel stressed out or become distracted.
Report proposes slashing U.S. aircraft carriers, investing in lasers to combat Russia and China
(Washington Post) The U.S. military is at an inflection point. Unable to remove itself completely from two protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has been forced to respond to a resurgent Russia and a rising China, while remaining ready to combat myriad terrorist threats around the world.
Report: F-35 Is Now Training with F-15s, A-10 Warthogs and Navy SEALs
(The National Interest) Air Force F-35A Joint Strike Fighters coordinated close air support with Navy SEALs, trained with F-15Es and A-10s, dropped laser-guided bombs and practiced key mission sets and tactics in Idaho as part of initial preparations for what will likely be its first deployment within several years, senior service officials said.
SOUTHCOM Pitching New, Low-Cost Ideas To Get Ships Operating In U.S. 4th Fleet
(USNI News) U.S. Southern Command wants to be a hub for innovation, both in serving as an early tester for new technologies and ideas that can be brought into theater and also in seeking creative ways to get more ships into theater to train with regional partners.


Guant√°namo judge has U.S. Marshals seize no-show war court witness
(Miami Herald) In a war court first, a witness who was reluctant to testify during pretrial proceedings was seized somewhere in the United States by U.S. Marshals on Tuesday, hours after the military judge in the USS Cole case ordered enforcement of a subpoena to testify.
CyberCon 2016
Register Today! CyberCon 2016
(Federal Times) Cybersecurity will be the defining challenge for the foreseeable future and CyberCon 2016 will provide a road map for innovation and collaboration that lead to more transparent and secure networks.
Air Force
Air Force ignored rising-sea warnings at radar site
(Associated Press) The U.S. Air Force is spending nearly $1 billion to build a radar installation that will help keep astronauts and satellites safe by tracking pieces of space junk as small as a baseball. That is, if global warming doesn't get in the way.
Former B-2 Pilot to Air Force: Forget Drone Bombers
( A professor and retired B-2 Spirit pilot is calling on the Air Force to design the B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber solely as a manned aircraft. "You want somebody up there in that cockpit," retired Col. Melvin Deaile said. "You want Capt. 'Sully' Sullenberger if something happens up there, if something goes wrong — you're going to want somebody up there who's going to save that aircraft."
DARPA Turns Over Powerful New Space Surveillance Telescope to Air Force
(National Defense) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will transfer to the Air Force a powerful Earth-based telescope capable of tracking thousands of objects in a wide expanse of space, the agency announced.
Fort Hood helicopter crash reveals major flaws in search and rescue response
(Army Times) An Army investigation blamed simple pilot error for a UH-60 Black Hawk crash that killed four soldiers last year, but investigators discovered a glaring problem with Fort Hood's search and rescue system in the process.
Army and Tufts University study how people think, respond under stress
(Associated Press) Scientists and engineers are figuring out how to measure, predict and enhance people's cognitive capabilities, so they can better solve problems and remember information in high-stakes environments.
NCAA reverses course, will allow Army veteran to play college hoops
(Detroit Free Press) Oakland University basketball player and former soldier Isaiah Brock was cleared by the NCAA initial eligibility committee to play for the Golden Grizzlies this year, the university announced.
Kansas man accused in failed Army base bomb plot sentenced
(Associated Press) A Kansas man was sentenced Tuesday to one year and four months in prison for helping a would-be jihadist's unsuccessful plan to plant what they thought was a bomb at Fort Riley Army base.
Mayoral candidate criticized for embellishing military record
(Orlando Sentinel) A Groveland, Florida, mayoral candidate said on his campaign website he received a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars for his military service — three prestigious medals that he hasn't been awarded, according to a military retiree who investigated the claims.
Should Sailors Be Able to Reprogram Their Ship?
(DefenseOne) The U.S. Navy's newest destroyer is automated to an unprecedented degree. Should the crew be allowed to harness it with code?
U.S. warship to visit New Zealand and end 30-year stalemate
(Associated Press) New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced Tuesday that he has given clearance for the destroyer Sampson to visit during celebrations of the Royal New Zealand Navy's 75th anniversary.
Sailor, still hospitalized, is likely to be arraigned this week after San Diego bridge crash
(Associated Press) Richard Anthony Sepolio, 25, is expected to be arraigned Wednesday on charges including DUI and vehicular manslaughter, said district attorney's spokeswoman Tanya Sierra.
Marine Corps
She fled Iraq with her family. Now she's a U.S. Marine.
(Marine Corps Times) The offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group officially kicked off Monday, but one new Marine has waged the battle for years.
Marine who received Medal of Honor for bravery in Vietnam dies
(Marine Corps Times) Medal of Honor recipient Richard Pittman, who traded his rifle for a machine gun to save many of his fellow Marines, has died at the age of 71.
Corps to Add 'Spiritual Fitness' to Professional Education
( In coming months, discussions about spiritual fitness and making moral choices will be part of the curriculum at the Corps' Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia, and at corporals' and sergeants' courses around the service, said Rear Adm. Brent Scott, chaplain of the Marine Corps.
Defense Industry
Air Force Launches Space Consortium That Puts Startups to Work On Prototypes
(Defense News) The Air Force is looking for a company to lead a new space consortium formed to help broaden participation in space acquisition programs to startups and small businesses.
A better way to talk to machines
(C4ISRNET) Northrop Grumman has been awarded an Air Force Research Laboratory contract to develop human language technologies (HLT) for talking to machines.
France Unveils New FTI Frigate Designed for the French Navy and Export
(Defense News) French defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian unveiled the design for a new intermediate frigate Tuesday at the Euronaval trade show, and told reporters a budget of €3.8 billion ($4.2 billion) has been set to build five of the ships for the French Navy.
Turkey Looks to Enrich Drone Fleet
(Defense News) Facing multiple asymmetrical security threats, Turkey increasingly relies on a strategy to enrich its inventory of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) types. Most recently, Turkey's procurement agency released two requests for information (RFI) to task industry with research on two new types of drones.
Turkey Mulling Upgrade to Leopard 2s, M60s
(Defense News) One senior procurement official familiar with the program said that about 100 Leopard 2s and 300 M60s would go through an upgrade program.
Poland invites defense firms to talks on buying army helicopters
(Reuters) The invitations were issued after Poland scrapped earlier this month a preliminary deal with Airbus to buy 50 Caracal multi-role helicopters for 13.5 billion zlotys ($3.4 billion) after prolonged negotiations.
Foundation to cover fertility-related expenses for some veterans
(Military Times) Veterans whose injuries have caused infertility can now apply for reduced-cost fertility services and grants to cover related expenses under a new program administered by the Bob Woodruff Foundation.
Vets, retirees will see a 0.3% COLA hike in 2017
(Military Times) Military retirees and individuals receiving veterans benefits will see only a 0.3 percent cost-of-living increase in their federal benefits next year, a nominal increase matching 2016's hike.
Congress & Politics
House Lawmakers Push for More F-35 Funding in FY17 Budget
(Defense News) The defense-policy and -spending bills are at a standstill on Capitol Hill, but 70 House lawmakers are hoping that when Congress returns after the election, they can press appropriators to boost the total F-35 purchase for fiscal year 2017.
Gillibrand proposes sexual assault reforms for Merchant Marine Academy
(The Hill) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced Tuesday a number of proposed reforms aimed at tackling sexual assault at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Her proposals follow a survey that found 63 percent of women there said they had been sexually harassed and 17 percent said they had been sexually assaulted.
National Security and Intelligence
Adm. Rogers: US 'Working Our Way Through' NSA-Cyber Command Split
(Defense News) Adm. Mike Rogers, the dual-hatted chief of US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, said splitting the two agencies is a matter of "the right time" and "the right process."
Despite Obama's pledge to make the government more open, a report shows secret laws still abound
(Washington Post) The Justice Department has kept classified at least 74 opinions, memos and letters on national security issues, including interrogation, detention and surveillance, according to a report released Tuesday by the Brennan Center for Justice.
Cybersecurity, Space and Surveillance
Secret Service must address inadequate IT security, says OIG
(Federal Times) IT management at the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) has been consistently ineffective and neglected, according to a recent report by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General.
International Affairs
OSCE Monitor Says 70 Percent Of Restrictions In Ukraine Are In Separatist-Controlled East
(Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) "We are either stopped and blocked from proceeding further, we can only continue further under certain conditions, or we are delayed over hours at a certain checkpoint before we then can go further," he said.
Iran sentences Iranian-American, his father each to 10 years
(Associated Press) An Iranian-American businessman and his father have been sentenced to 10 years in prison in Iran, a state-run judicial news agency reported Tuesday, the latest dual nationals imprisoned since the nuclear deal.
Europe pressing harder on countries to take back deported migrants
(Washington Post) As Europe reels from a historic rush of migrants, leaders are searching for new ways to reverse the flow by stepping up deportations.
Double Trouble: India to Lease Second Russian Nuclear Attack Submarine
(The National Interest) India and Russia have apparently reached an agreement for New Delhi to lease a second Project 971 Shchuka-B (NATO: Akula-class) nuclear attack submarine (SSN) according to Russian media reports.
Bangladesh Says Attack Investigation Yielding Results
(Associated Press) In the three months since a band of youths tortured and killed 20 hostages in a Dhaka restaurant, Bangladeshi intelligence officials say they're rooting out radicals and restoring security to the streets.
Commentary and Analysis
New Threats Spark DoD Spending Debate: Thinktanks Ponder $2 Trillion In Options
(Breaking Defense) If you were hoping, after a bitterly contentious presidential campaign, that at least we'd have consensus on national defense spending…tough luck. Instead, teams from five leading thinktanks — spanning the political spectrum but all using the same budget simulator — came up with a more than $2 trillion spread of options.
What the Next US President Needs to Know About Rising India-Pakistan Tensions
(DefenseOne) Pakistan, in particular, finds itself once again at the center of the tussle between China, Russia, and the United States.
Are you a strategic genius? Not likely, given Army's system for selecting, educationg leaders
(Army Magazine) As we exit from our second war in this new century, many in authority sense something is missing in American strategic generalship.
The US Relief Mission to Haiti Is Also a Signal to America's Neighbors, and Russia
(DefenseOne) The leader of U.S. Southern Command hopes helpful actions speak louder than Moscow's words.
Next US President's Asia-Pacific Inbox: 8 Issues to Watch in Obama's Final 100 Days
(The Diplomat) These are the global uncertainties that loom large as the Obama administration enters its last hundred days in office.
The American Military's Greatest Vulnerability: No GPS in a War
(The National Interest) Raytheon's new GPS Operational Control System (OCX) might just be the most troubled program the Pentagon is running.
The Hidden Defect In U.S. Nuclear Strategy That Could Spell America's Doom
(The National Interest) Russia currently has over a thousand nuclear warheads aimed at America. Just one of those warheads could kill more Americans than died in the Vietnam War. A dozen could collapse the nation's power grid and other vital networks.
Dealing Loosely With the Facts: The Clinton Emails
(The Cipher Brief) The newly released FBI interview reports show that it was a Bureau official who initially suggested he would look into changing the classification of a State Department email that was part of the Hillary Clinton email probe, if Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy would allow an increase of FBI agents in Iraq.

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