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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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The European Union Times

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Russian Report Warns: American Revolution Has Now Begun, May Last Entire Decade

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 05:26 AM PST

A sobering new Security Council (SC) analytical report on the US presidential election states that a new American Revolution has begun which today's popular vote is just the beginning of; and that could fully last up to an entire decade, especially if this election is stolen from Donald Trump. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, Federation intelligence analysts in their "deciphering/uncovering" what the current US presidential election is really all about have heavily relied on "outliers" [a thing situated away or detached from the main body or system] such as artificial intelligence (AI) models, social media trends and psychological analysis of the American electorate.

This report notes that the Security Councils use of these "outliers" to both understand and explain what is occurring during this US presidential election provides the only proven scientific evidence of what is occurring as the so called polling data used by the American propaganda media has been proven to be nothing more than a manipulation device used to keep people from voting for or supporting the anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump.

Examples of this being true, this report explains, lie in too many examples to fully cite—but includes the once respected Monmouth University poll found manipulating data to favor Hillary Clinton, news networks NBC and CBS found manipulating polling data to show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump when she was actually losing, and CNN manipulating their poll data to favor Hillary Clinton too.

Unlike manipulated polling data showing Hillary Clinton will win this election, however, this report continues, the objective and independent scientific "outliers" used by Security Council research analysts show not only Donald Trump winning—but winning in a landslide victory.

Evidence proving this assertion of a Donald Trump US presidential win, this report notes, lies first with artificial intelligence analysis—that includes the MogIA supercomputer showing Trump winning in landslide and showing he is more popular than President Obama, and a just released AI computer simulation showing Trump winning with 289 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 249.

Social media trend lines in this election, likewise, proves a Donald Trump landslide win in this election, this report continues, as his Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-YouTube "presence" dwarfs Hillary Clinton's by a staggering 74 million—and that is further validated by the over 700,000 Americans who have come to his campaign rallies, as opposed to the barely 60,000 that have attended Hillary Clinton's.

Most fascinating though of the "outliers" used in this Security Council report is the psychological analysis of the American electorate conducted by a virtually unknown US political project called "We Need Smith"—whose scientifically conducted studies shockingly proved that anyone from a liberal Democrat, to a conservative Republican was able to win the US presidency as long as they promised to destroy the corrupt political system currently ruling America.

The "We Need Smith" project, this report explains, is named after a popular US Great Depression era movie called Mr. Smith Goes To Washington about a newly appointed United States Senator who fights against a corrupt political system—and that during this present US presidential election only Donald Trump and US Senator Bernie Sanders fit the mold of.

Critical to note about the "We Need Smith" project too, this report continues, is that it was co-founded by the legendary American pollster Patrick Caddell—who almost singlehandedly was responsible for putting President Jimmy Carter in office in 1976, but also presided over Carter's unprecedented defeat in 1980 at the hands of the US establishments most hated candidate Ronald Reagan.

Seeking to understand how President Carter could go from victory to defeat in just 4 years, this report details, Patrick Caddell spent the past nearly 4 decades examining it—and coming to the scientific conclusion that the conventional wisdom that America is absolutely divided into warring tribes is simply not true, they are all just tired of being lied to.

In fact, this report continues, Caddell's research proved that the American political battleground is no longer over ideology but instead is all about insurgency—and with a staggering 84% of the American public believing that the elites live by a different set of rules and laws than ordinary people do, anyone running against them is assured victory.

Interestingly to note too, this report says, is Caddell's scientific analyses showing that the hatred of the American people towards their elites comes from both the left and right—and as evidenced by the equal explosive political movements known as Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party insurgencies.

This report grimly concludes, however, with a warning that Soviet Communist leader Joseph Stalin's attributed statement—"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."—may, indeed, be active in the present US presidential election after newly released secret documents revealed that Hillary Clinton's main supporter, multi-billionaire George Soros, has not only been manipulating the entire American election system, but one of his companies is, also, providing vote county software to 16 States (they've since denied)—and that should Donald Trump have this election stolen from him the people of that nation will most surely revolt.


WikiLeaks releases more emails on eve of election

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 04:59 AM PST

WikiLeaks has released the 34th batch of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, on the eve of the election. This latest tranche includes 888 communications.

Much of the latest emails’ content repeats from previous WikiLeaks releases, because entire email threads are not always released at once.

‘Needy Latinos’ considered for VP

In one leaked email, dated August 21, 2015 with the subject line ‘Needy Latinos and 1 easy call,’ Podesta writes to Clinton, “A few calls you might consider making,” apparently in relation to potential vice president choices.

Podesta then names Federico Pena, Bill Richardson and South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges. The first two are presumably the “needy Latinos.”

Pena, former secretary of the US Department of Transportation under President Bill Clinton, endorsed Barack Obama over Clinton for the 2008 election and served as his campaign chair. He is covered extensively in the email.

Podesta goes on to say that Pena’s “Cabinet stints ripped up his family,” and that Pena “gave everything to the cause and no time to his family, he went through a messy divorce in the late 90’s and was left really down and felt like no-one reached out to him then so he felt pretty cut off from Clinton World.”

Podesta, passing along all of this information after speaking with former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, gives Clinton four steps in completing a call with Pena, writing: “1) you really enjoyed seeing Cindy at the Chambers event and appreciate her support. 2) ask him how he’s been doing 3) ask about his views on the race and what she should be doing in Colorado 4) ask that he consider publicly supporting you.”

An email reply from Hillary Clinton herself reads: “Agree about calls. Just a few additional points: several Latinos have asked that I consider Pena for VP.”

On Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico and US ambassador to the UN under President Clinton, Podesta writes that a recent phone call between Bill Clinton and Richardson went well, “not withstanding the fact that [Richardson] can be a dick.”

“He had a good conversation with the President and has been good in his interviews since,” Podesta says of Richardson, telling Hillary that a call to Richardson ahead of his upcoming appearance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ might seal an endorsement.

Donna Brazile

The extent of the cozy relationship between the Clinton campaign and CNN was revealed in an email from the former head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, which contained, almost verbatim, the wording of a question Clinton was to be asked at a town hall in Ohio.

Sent the day before the televised event, which aired on March 13, 2016, Clinton is given the wording for a question she will be asked regarding discrimination amongst trade unions.

Also included is the wording of a question her opponent Bernie Sanders is to be asked on income inequality.


Rape Hoaxer Drops Charges Against Trump, No Comment from Lawyer

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 04:44 AM PST

A woman who accused Donald Trump of repeatedly raping her two decades ago when she was a 13-year-old aspiring teen model has again dropped a federal lawsuit over the alleged assaults.

The accuser, identified in the lawsuit by the pseudonym "Jane Doe," was expected to appear at a news conference in Los Angeles Wednesday, but that appearance was abruptly canceled.

The lawyer who organized the event, Lisa Bloom, said Trump's accuser had received threats and was too frightened to show up.

The accuser's lead attorney, Thomas Meagher of New Jersey, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. He filed a one-page notice dismissing the case Friday evening in federal court in Manhattan. No explanation was given for the action.

Bloom did not immediately respond to requests for comment Friday.

Through his attorney, Trump had flatly denied the woman's allegations.

There was plenty of speculation — and skepticism — from social media users about the validity of the charges.

Hillary Clinton's niece came out for TRUMP because 'selfish' aunt wants to win for all the wrong reasons.


Leaked Documents Reveal Expansive Soros Funding to Manipulate Elections

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 04:23 AM PST

Leaked funding documents reveal an effort by George Soros and his foundations to manipulate election laws and process rules ahead of the federal election far more expansively than has been previously reported.

The billionaire and convicted felon moved hundreds of millions of dollars into often-secret efforts to change election laws, fuel litigation to attack election integrity measures, push public narratives about voter fraud, and to integrate the political ground game of the left with efforts to scare racial minority groups about voting rights threats.

These Soros-funded efforts moved through dozens of 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) charities and involved the active compliance with civil rights groups, government officials, and purportedly non-partisan groups like the League of Women Voters.

The leaked documents also reveal deliberate and successful efforts to manipulate media coverage of election issues in mainstream media outlets like the The New York Times.

Conservatives and Republicans have no opposing effort or source of funds that represents even a small fraction in opposition to level of the Soros-led manipulation contained in the leaked documents.

The documents reveal that the Soros campaign fueled litigation attacking election integrity measures, such as citizenship verification and voter ID. It funded long-term efforts to fundamentally transform election administration — including the creation of databases that were marketed to state governments for use in voter verification. It propped up left-leaning media to attack reports of voter fraud, and conducted racially and ideologically targeted voter registration drives.

The racially targeted voter registration drives were executed at the same time Soros dollars were funding other public relations efforts to polarize racial minority groups by scaring them about the loss of voting rights and the dangers of police officers.

The Soros documents reveal hundreds of millions of dollars being poured into the effort to transform the legal and media environment touching on elections. One document notes that poverty-alleviation programs are being de-emphasized for this new effort. It states: “George Soros has authorized U.S. Programs to propose a budget of $320 million over two years, with the understanding that the annual budget for U.S. Programs will be $150 million beginning in 2013.”


Day Before Election #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Heckle Bill Clinton

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 04:07 AM PST

On Monday Bill Clinton campaigned in Greensboro, North Carolina for his wife Hillary Clinton.

Bill was interrupted by several Black Lives Matter protesters chanting "black lives matter," while holding up a sign.

This was the day before the national election.

Disgusting Celebrities Unleash Vulgar Attacks on Trump

Posted: 08 Nov 2016 03:55 AM PST

Ohh God the horror! Trump is so evil for talking dirty and being horny on some pu**y tape 12 years ago so let’s show the world how pure and divine we are by using the same language.

Liberals are such disgusting animals. No brains, no empathy, no logic, average 70 IQs, zero political knowledge but who cares? They are famous, they think they get a pass on whatever they do because of that.

They are truly the filth of the earth! Many Americans are struggling with their health plans, jobs, debt, foreclosures and everything but these privileged filthy human wastes are coming to lecture you, to tell you that you are a scumbag redneck for wanting change.

They are privileged wastes, remember that! They are not going through what you’re going, they are tweeting hate from their multi-million dollar mansions while you’re struggling to put food on the table.

They have ruined America. You think America’s $20 Trillion debt is a joke? Who is going to pay it? Will these celebrity wastes pay your debt when the economy implodes? What happens when America will reach Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation rates? You think Hillary will fix the economy? First of all she doesn’t want to fix anything and second she wouldn’t even know how to even if she wanted.

Open your eyes America, this is your last chance to stop your country from transforming into Brazil > Venezuela > Zimbabwe and finally North Korea. It would be a slow painful process but you have the power to put an end to it by voting for Trump today!

Undercover Muslim Woman is Offered to Commit Voter Fraud for Hillary

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 02:42 PM PST

Last December, Project Veritas caught NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City. He explained how Muslims can use burkas as a way to commit voter fraud.

Project Veritas wanted to test this theory by sending an undercover journalist dressed in full burka to Huma Abedin's polling location to see if they could vote. Shockingly, an election official offered the PV journalist Huma Abedin's ballot.

PV Journalist: "Not even just voter ID because of people voting twice, but people can like cover their faces, you know what I'm saying?"

Alan Schulkin: "The Muslims can do that too. You don't know who they are."

PV Journalist: "The Muslims, yeah. Especially, all those Burkas. Someone could claim oh it's my religion, but you don't know if they are pretending or not."

Alan Schulkin: "Exactly."

Alan Schulkin: "Your vote doesn't even count even, because they can go in there with a burka and you don't know if they are a voter. Your vote gets discounted because they come in there with a burka on and they can vote. People think that it's a liberal thing to do, but I take my vote seriously, and I don't want ten other people coming in negating my vote by voting for the other candidate when they aren't even registered voters."

Election Offical: "Goodmorning. Last name."

PV Journalist: "Abedin."

Election Official: "Abedin."

Election Official: "And that's your last name?"

Election Official: "And how do you spell Abedin?"

PV Journalist: "A B E DI N."

Election Official: "I don't know honey. I'm looking for it in the books. But your name is not in the book. For some reason it's not here, but that doesn't mean you can't vote by paper ballot. You just can't vote by machine"

PV Journalist: "Ok so I can vote today?"

Election Official: "By paper."

PV Journalist: "So I can vote as Huma Abedin, but just with the paper ballot?"

Election official: "If that's the name you voted with in the last election, and you haven't changed your name?"


NYC Democratic Election Commissioner: “They Bus People Around to Vote”

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 02:33 PM PST

In a video released by Project Veritas, James O'Keefe exposes what everyone except Democrats have known to be true. There is a lot of voter fraud.

In the video, NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin is caught on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that there is widespread voter fraud in New York City.

"Yeah, they should ask for your ID. I think there is a lot of voter fraud," said Schulkin, who elaborated on the types of voter fraud that are taking place in New York.

Voter fraud has been labeled as a right-wing myth by the left, but Schulkin, a Democrat, confirmed everyone's worst fears, going against the grain of his own party.

"You know, I don't think it's too much to ask somebody to show some kind of an ID…Like I say, people don't realize, certain neighborhoods in particular they bus people around to vote," said Schulkin.

When asked about which type of neighborhoods the busing of voters takes place in, Schulkin confirmed that it was minority neighborhoods, adding, "they get busses and they move people around."

Schulkin expressed concern over voter fraud and suggested that Mayor Bill de Blasio was to blame for a lot of the voter fraud taking place in New York City.

"He gave out ID cards. De Blasio. That's in lieu of a driver's license, but you can use it for anything. But, they didn't vet people to see who they really are. Anybody can go in there and say I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card. It's absurd. There's a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud."

Despite having disapproval with de Blasio's faulty ID program and widespread voter fraud, Schulkin also expressed concerns over safety in the polling locations as well as the potential for voter fraud, specifically with regards to Muslims wearing burkas.

"They detonate bombs in the public schools, which we are using. That could disrupt the whole election…Your vote doesn't even count, because they can go in there with a burka and you don't know if they are a voter."

It is clear after listening to a New York City Democratic Election Commissioner that the Democrats are in denial of the fraud that surrounds them. Schulkin confirms that voter ID laws are something that New York City desperately needs as a way to curb voter fraud.


Trump promises $100 Billion to Black and Latino communities

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 01:55 PM PST

Donald Trump is appealing to the black voters. Brunell Donald-Kyei came on FOX Business Lou Dobbs show and said that Donald Trump wants to make a new contract with African Americans and Latino Americans.

From the National Diversity Coalition for Trump Brunell Donald-Kyei and Bruce Levell break down Donald Trump’s support for minority communities.

Donald Trump said: Look, I’m not Jay-Z, I’m not JayLo, I’m not Trina, I’m not trying to entertain you but what I am saying is look I have a contract with African-American and Latinos, I want to put $100 billion into your communities over the next 8 years and not only that, I’m gonna put $20 billion into School Choice.

So basically what happened is, black people are waking up better hearing Donald Trump’s messages now, you got to remember the mainstream media a lot of them, not FOX, but they been calling him a racist, a the divider and all of these things, in an attempt to walk away from the fact that Hillary Clinton nor does the president have a record of doing anything for our innercities whether be blacks or Latinos.

Brunell Donald-Kyei asked blacks and latinos to try something new this time around, she said: Vote Trump and put that $100 billion dollars, that $20 billion that Donald Trump is offering, make him prove it to you, give him 4 years, give him a chance. We need that money for our communities, we need it!

Trump basically saying: I’m gonna make your communities prosperous.

Donald Trump has a great message.

New Wikileaks emails: Bernie is a Jerk, Megyn Kelly a Bimbo and More

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 12:01 PM PST

WikiLeaks has published its 33rd tranche of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta.

The whistleblowing organization has now published more than 55,600 emails in a series of daily online releases which it said were building towards the November 8 presidential election.

Emails released Sunday included messages accusing Chelsea Clinton of using Clinton Foundation funds for her wedding as well as leaked transcripts of Bill Clinton's fundraising speeches.

WikiLeaks has claimed its email publishing servers suffered a sustained DoS attack after it released #DNCLeak2 over the weekend.


Goldman Sachs speeches

In an email from January 23, 2016 Clinton Research Director Tony Carrk quoted the Democratic presidential nominee apparently expressing little appetite for prosecuting rogue Wall Street bankers.

In the mail to Clinton campaign Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri, Press Secretary Brian Fallon and Podesta, Carrk said he was sending excerpts from Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches.

"I’m not interested in, you know, turning the clock back or pointing fingers," Clinton is reported to have told Tim O'Neill, formerly of SJU Wall Street Trading Room and Credit Suisse, following a paid speech.

Clinton apparently then went on to recommend that the financial sector take a leading role in setting out regulations for their own troubled industry: "The people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry. There’s nothing magic about regulations, too much is bad, too little is bad."

Less than one year earlier, Democratic media adviser Mandy Grunwald suggested to Podesta in another communication leaked Monday that Clinton should take a conciliatory tone with regard to Wall Street.

"I would include something from the Maggie Haberman piece on HRC’s Goldman Sachs speech," writes Grunwald.

"Something like, “When HRC recently spoke to bankers at Goldman Sachs, instead of holding them accountable for their activities that crashed the economy, she told them that banker bashing was foolish and had to stop. She said “soothing” that we all got into our economic problems together.”

'Illegal ivory' as leverage on China

Hillary Clinton directed her now-campaign chair Podesta to use reports of illegal elephant tusk smuggling by Chinese government officials as "leverage" during a 2014 White House visit to the nation.

Three days before President Obama's visit to Beijing in November 2014, the former secretary of state highlighted a NY Times article on how Chinese delegates reportedly smuggled home poached ivory from Tanzania.

A message from Clinton's opens by praising Podesta's "teasing" of reporters and "flashes" of a smile at a recent press conference before asking the then-White House adviser to raise the ivory story with China's president directly.

"On China, I know you'll be in Beijing next week, so am sending a news report about how Xi's official party on its visit to Tanzania loaded up their planes w poached ivory, likely w full knowledge of [President Jakaya] Kikwete's government," Clinton writes.

"Please raise this issue directly w XI, both because it is critical on the merits but also because it’s another way you can gain some leverage with the Chinese."

The email subject line was, "Below is what I sent POTUS on election and China poaching."

A 'fact sheet' provided by the White House regarding Obama's visit shows discussions centered on the ebola crisis, economic relations, and a "shared vision for Afghanistan." An effort to work together to "stop the trade in illegal wildlife products" is also mentioned.

Clinton 'totally blew' crime question

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio thought Clinton "totally blew" a debate question about her support for a controversial federal crime bill passed by her husband.

In a March 2016 email, de Blasio was less than impressed with Clinton's attempt to pass off a question on mass incarceration to her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders back in March.

"Hillary was fantastic on the gun control answer, then totally blew the mass incarceration question," de Blasio wrote to Podesta.

The question was posed during a live CNN debate by anchor Don Lemon, who asked Clinton why black people should trust her to end a pattern of mass incarceration when she supported a 1994 law which many blame for "locking up a generation of black men."

Clinton began her answer by reminding people that Sanders also supported the bill, a tactic which appears to have irked Mayor de Blasio.

"Why on Earth did she say 'Are you going to ask Senator Sanders that question?' instead of just addressing the issue," de Blasio wrote.

"When she makes it about her, she loses the high ground. Stating the obvious, I know, but she keeps doing it…"

Podesta brothers plan to influence India on NGO clampdown

Podesta sought to enlist the help of his lobbyist brother to influence an Indian Intelligence Bureau crackdown on Greenpeace and a key donor, the Ford Foundation, Monday's leaked emails reveal.

Correspondence between John and Tony Podesta from May 2015 show the pair planned a lunch with the Indian ambassador to discuss a "very serious situation" facing Greenpeace in which the Indian government accused the group of financial irregularities. The claims eventually led to the cancellation of its license to operate there.

The bid to influence India's decision-making came at the request of Karen Sack, managing director of conservation group Ocean Unite, who asked if John Podesta could get in touch with his brother at The Podesta Group.

"Apparently The Podesta Group has the contract for the Republic of India in the US, but Kumi [Naidoo, Greenpeace executive director] has no way to reach Tony or another principal," Sack writes.

John Podesta forwarded the "small request" to his brother, highlighting Kumi Naidoo's large following globally.

"Want to talk to the head of Greenpeace? Kumi Naidoo is a very well known South African with a big international following, but I think the GOI [Government of India] likely to stick it to them."

He also explained he was trying to use his influence to help the Ford Foundation charity, which had similarly "got on the wrong side of GOI". However, he expressed a belief that their issue "can be more easily resolved."

A reply from Tony Podesta proposes a lunch with an Indian ambassador as well as confirmation he would be "happy" to talk to Greenpeace.

A leaked July 2015 email about funding shows Podesta describing global charity the Ford Foundation as a "mainstay" for the Center for American Progress think-tank, which he founded in 2003.

Clinton's emails could 'either win 49 states, or lose 49 states'

As previously reported, in March of 2015, Clinton's camp were debating whether Hillary should make a joke about her "email situation".

Staffers were "nervous" about the "potentially nuts" move and, in freshly leaked correspondence, sought advice from Philippe Reines – a former senior adviser from Clinton's days as Secretary of State and someone who was likely privy to the contents of said emails.

"Trust me, most of the email themselves are funnier than any joke we can come up with. Read in total by America she would either win 49 states, or lose 49 states. I go back and forth," said Reines.

"But I would not make a joke just for the sake of making a joke, because email retention = Benghazi," he warned.

"We can't jam State to release them at this point, but if Dan [Schwerin, Clinton's speech writer] can think of a light way to say "I am proud of the work we did at State and hopefully at some point everyone will be able to read what's in them as a way to better understand that work…" Reines suggested.

Bernie Sanders is a Jerk

We have previously reported about the agreement between Bernie Sanders and Clinton Campaign. We have also previously reported about Hillary’s others insults about Bernie’s supporters: basement-dwellers, bucket of losers, stupid millennials, etc. but now here’s another one.

This email is part of the DNC Leaks not of Podesta. DNC insider Hilary Rosen was caught emailing Jon Reinish and telling him that “Bernie Sanders is a petty jerk”: yes, she has a statement coming out. he is a petty jerk

Trump is right, Megyn Kelly is a Bimbo

Another DNC Leak email says that Donald Trump is right about Megyn Kelly. Yes she is a BIMBO! Well well well but you freaks of nature were saying Trump is a sexist for saying that. Then that means you too are sexists you Democrat liars.


Hillary Clinton Planning Trump Russian Agent LIE Since April

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 11:31 AM PST

Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet another dirty trick in Wikileaks latest storm of email leaks.

The Democrats were planning to frame Donald Trump as a KGB-Russian agent and Putin puppet since April 2016.

Here’s what Wikileaks email ID 27381 reveals:

We don’t have a ton on Simes, but the pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to idea that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia

Now what do you say about that? We always knew the accusations were false but now we have the proof. The Democrats are dirty! She is a disgusting filthy witch and a Soros puppet while we’re at puppets!

Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump during the 3rd debate of being a “Putin puppet” but if Trump is a Putin puppet just for wanting to be a friend with Russia and not do war with them, then what is Hillary Clinton to George Soros when she took all those dozens of millions of dollars from him? Her slave? His personal door mat?

Iraqi Christians Hold first mass in over 2 years pray for Trump to Win

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 10:41 AM PST

IRAQI Christians will pray for Donald Trump’s election victory after they condemned US Government for “abandoning” them to the barbaric terror of Islamic State.

The Christian community in the latest Iraqi town to be freed from ISIS have opened up about how they were terrorised at the hands of the twisted jihadi militants.

The once-bustling Qaraqosh, which boasted of more than 50,000 Christian residents, was recaptured from the jihadis last week.

Residents who stayed in the town have described how ISIS told every Christian to pay a massive tax, convert to Islam or face execution.

Those who survived the terror have now voiced their outrage that President Obama refused to protect them when Iraq's largest Christian city fell to ISIS more than two years ago.

A man in the village said he hopes Donald Trump – a widely favoured candidate in the town – will bring a different approach to Iraqi Christians.

He told the camera: “Obama has never helped the Christians. In fact, he despises them. In the last 26 months, he has shown he despises all of them.

“But we have hope in the new president, Trump.”

Donald Trump has previously spoken up about how Christians have been left to fend for themselves by the US government.

A Catholic priest in the town said: "The US government led by President Obama could have protected us – or at least helped us to protect ourselves.

“But unfortunately Obama abandoned us, and chose not to get involved.”

A young girl wearing a crucifix then added: “We hope this new guy called Trump will help us more than Obama did.”

Last Sunday, Father Ammar took mass in a shelled-out Church of the Immaculate Conception for the first time in two years.

He said: “Yes, they destroyed and burned some houses and churches, but we can rebuild them.

“After being away for exactly 811 days, after being attacked by the forces of evil, we have come back to worship in freedom.

“What counts is that we can pray here again”

The church, still largely in rubble from the chaotic war, is Iraq's largest and used to regularly host more than 3,000 people a week to its Sunday mass

The liberation comes as Kurdish-led forces fight to free both of ISIS’ largest remaining strongholds – Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.


Podesta Brothers Kidnapped a 3yo British Girl in Portugal - Wikileaks

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 10:28 AM PST

On Sunday evening, side-by-side images of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony next to police sketches of potential suspects in a 2007 kidnapping of a three-year-old girl took over the internet.

The resemblance is striking, and Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter rapidly took up the case.

Madeleine Beth McCann should have celebrated her 13th birthday with her family in England this year, but she vanished from her bed during a family vacation to Portugal in 2003. The case gripped the entire world, becoming one of the most high profile missing persons cases in history. Coverage of her kidnapping was comparable to the press interest in the death of Princess Diana.

Her parents had been out with friends at the hotel restaurant approximately 200 feet from where the child had been sleeping. When her mother Kate McCann went to check on her around 11 pm, but she was gone.

"We go to bed every night with the agonising feeling that just maybe tomorrow we will find something to lead us back to Madeleine. To let us know what happened. To give us hope," Kate McCann, who is now an ambassador for Missing People, said at the launch of a new nonprofit organization called Find Every Child, in London this week.

Though it has been nearly a decade since their little girl vanished, the family has continued the search, and believe that there is a possibility that she may still be alive.

"When my little girl first disappeared, on that horrendous night that changed our lives forever, I could never have imagined that nearly 10 years later we would still be in the same position," she continued.

In 2013, five years after Portuguese police had closed the case, they reopened it and revealed two new police sketches. It was believed that they were supposed to be of the same man, but from two different witnesses. Reddit and others on social media are now asking, what if it was actually two different men, and what if it was the Podestas?

An email found in the Wikileaks release of John Podesta's emails at the time of McCann's disappearance implies that he may have been vacationing around the time of her disappearance, but does not indicate where.

People have also pointed out that another police sketch related to the case looks strikingly similar to Anthony Wiener.

Shortly after the rumor began to go viral, Twitter went offline for over 20 minutes, which helped to fuel the theorists even more. Wikileaks was also the target of a DDOS attack.

Bizarrely worded messages in the Podesta emails had lead to conspiracy theories on 4chan and Reddit that John Podesta was involved in some sort of child sex ring, last week.

The same evening, the world became familiar with the term "Spirit Cooking."

Tony Podesta's home also contains photographs of nude teenage girls in one of the bedrooms — because "art."

"Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents' suburban homes," the Washington Post reported in 2004.

"They were horrified," Tony's wife Heather told the Post of her guests reactions, as a grin reportedly spread across her face.

While it is extremely far-fetched that the Podestas would be involved in this extremely high-profile missing persons case, the fact that thousands of people are having serious discussions about it on a Sunday evening speaks volumes about the trust people have in Hillary Clinton's inner circle.


Hillary Clinton exposed Classified Docs to FOREIGN Maid

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 10:03 AM PST

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.

Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to Maria Santos who is a Filipina immigrant. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.

Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.


Jill Stein Issues Last Warning: Do NOT Vote for Hillary or its Mushroom Clouds Everywhere

Posted: 07 Nov 2016 09:55 AM PST

"Get ready for war with Russia" if Hillary Clinton is elected president, said progressive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

"This election, we are not only deciding what kind of world we will have, but whether we will have a world or not going forward," Stein warned, explaining that Clinton's trigger-happy militarism "is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen."

While Stein adamantly opposes a Trump presidency, she explained that the dangers posed by a Clinton presidency are "arguably even more immediate and intense."

Stein blasted Clinton's "warmongering" that "almost singlehandedly" brought us the turmoil in Libya and could lead us into a nuclear war if Clinton were elected president.

"Hillary brought us Libya almost singlehandedly," Stein explained in a Thursday Fox Business interview. She continued:

And she has said that she will lead the charge with a no-fly zone in Syria, and that basically amounts to a declaration of war against Russia, who is there under international law, having been invited by the sitting government. Like it or not, Russia has the sanction of international law to be there. For us to go in and declare a no-fly zone means get ready for war with Russia. Both of us have 2,000 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. This is the most dangerous moment— according to the former president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who, two weeks ago, said this is the most dangerous nuclear moment ever.

Stein elaborated on this view during a Facebook Live interview with progressive Marc Lamont Hill, who has endorsed Stein over Clinton: "In this election, we are not only deciding what kind of world we will have, but whether we will have a world or not going forward," Stein said, adding:

Not only in regards to climate, not only in regards to these expanding wars where Hillary has this proven track record … of the most pro-conflict military policy as possible, and she's calling for a no-fly zone in Syria, which means we're essentially declaring war on Russia if Hillary gets elected–declaring war on Russia at a time when we have 2,000 nuclear weapons between us and the Russians on hair trigger alert. This is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen. So it's really important right now for us to stand up and start building a force to do the right thing.

"No one should fool themselves into thinking that the dangers will be smaller, that they will be mitigated in any way for having Hillary in White House. In some ways, they're arguably even more immediate and intense," Stein said. "But the dangers will be mitigated if we have created a strong force and we stand up loud and clear and we have a political base for this social movement that is coming together across this country and, really, across the world–this movement that puts people, planet, and peace over profit."

"It's very clear what kind of a trend we're on," Stein explained:

This is a race to the bottom between the greater and lesser evil. Where is the exit strategy if you buy into this [idea that one must vote for one of the major parties]? It means that in every election, we have two candidates that are more corporatist, more militarist, more imperialist, more economic elites, more serving Wall Street, offshoring our jobs, more of these rigged corporate trade agreements, more of this climate policy. … There is no exit strategy if you buy into the lesser evil. It means with each race, we come closer and closer to the cliff.

"We must find and elect alternatives to the Wall Street-backed oligarchy, the warmongers, and the anti-humanitarians," Stein wrote on Twitter.

Stein, who has previously described Clinton as "Queen of corruption," attacked Clinton for her questionable ties to Qatar and Saudi Arabia:

During her interview with Stein, Fox Business host Kennedy blasted other members of the mainstream media for ignoring and trying to "smother" Stein's "authentic" and "interesting" candidacy.

"I'm surprised that the mainstream media has taken an interesting, authentic candidate like yourself— they were so obsessed with Bernie Sanders— and you've got someone, the embodiment of this new and interesting political tapestry, and they've essentially ignored you and smothered your candidacy," Kennedy said.

Stein agreed and said that the corporate media's blackout of her campaign and their perpetuation "speaks volumes." She said, "My campaign is a very inconvenient truth that there is a politics of integrity out there. … Every day, there are more revelations how both … [Trump and Clinton] are walking, talking scandal machines, and people are clamoring for something else." She added, "The corporate media, the apologists for the Democrats and Republicans, and the political pundits are doing everything they can to intimidate people into voting for the system that's throwing them under the bus."


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